Why We Started Vision Partnership

We recognized a need to give more ownership and leadership opportunities to people who were invested in our church. Vision partnership gives us a framework for good, healthy, shared ministry. Still, like anything else, the success of Vision Partnership comes down to what we invest into it.

What is Vision Partnership?

In a nutshell Vision Partnership is about partnering with us all to carry forward the vision of LifeBridge Church. We partner together to carry forward the vision in the following ways:

  1. Partnering in our Vision, by affirming our Vision Statement
  2. Pursuing Healthy Relationships, by affirming our Relational Covenant
  3. Doing Ministry Together, by being a part of a Ministry Team.
  4. Meeting Together, by prioritizing and attending Vision Partner Meetings.
  5. Growing Together, by pursuing Discipleship with one another.


Vision Partner Interest Form

Vision Partner Commitment Web Form