Discipling relationships are connections that we intentionally pursue for the purpose of growth and depth and in our walk with Jesus. We're asking all Vision Partners to do a few things to pursue spiritual growth both in the context of relationships and in our personal lives.

Discipleship Commitments

Pursue Discipleship Relationships

We do not formally create these relationships for Vision Partners. Instead we ask you to intentionally seek out these discipleship relationships on your own.

Normal Friendship Priorities Do we share interests? Do we click socially? Do we have similar preferences? Are we in a similar life phase? Do I think they’re cool or enjoyable?

Discipling Relationship Priorities Can they help me grow in Christ? Can I help them grow in Christ? How could they challenge me to grow or deepen my faith? Can we grow through each other’s experiences? Can we support each other in our daily walks?

Daily Bible Reading and Prayer

Our disciplines of daily Bible reading and prayer are bedrock practices for spiritual growth.


Regular Attendance on Sunday Morning

Community worship and participation at the regular Sunday gathering not only foster our personal spiritual growth but they also give us opportunity to aid the spiritual growth of others in the congregation.


Discipleship Challenges

At each Vision Partner meeting we will have a discipleship challenge to focus on until the next meeting.

Current Challenge

  1. Practice private worship 5x per week.
  2. Attend corporate worship worship 5 of the next 6 weeks before our next vision partner meeting on 9.12