As we are talking about redeeming all of creation and participating with God in the redemption of creation, the course will explore how we can help redeem our culture in some of its most difficult arenas.

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Session 1: Overview

Faithful Presence for the Future by Tim Keller (ff to 2:35 for the beginning of Keller's talk)



  1. Keller says we are the first culture in the history of the world to internalize the concept of truth and this has led to moral values being relative, social institutions undermined, and all authority questioned. How have you seen this in your experiences in our culture?
  2. Have you ever shared your faith with someone who didn't have the "furniture", as Keller puts it, for Christianity to sit in? Share that experience. Or did you yourself not have the furniture for Christianity to sit in before coming to faith?
  3. Dissect the 4 faith statements of secularism above and answer the following questions:
    1. Where have you seen these messages?
    2. How have these messages influenced you?
    3. How have these messages influenced your children?
    4. How are each of these messages contrary to the Christian perspective?
  4. Keller points out that both parties are secular frameworks. Do you agree with this statement? How have you seen this in this election cycle?
  5. What can you do to participate in a contemporary version of the early church's evangelistic model?
  6. Share some ways you are counter-catechizing your kids, anyone you're discipling. What are some of the topics we need to focus on to counter-catechize believers against the dominant ideas in the culture?
  7. Keller suggests 4 counter culture economies, 3 of them are not recommended. How have you seen all of these lived out by Christians in our culture? Share some stories.
  8. Of the 4 aspects of the early church's social project which one do you struggle to accept and practice the most? How can you be better in this area? Which one comes easiest to you?
  9. Can you articulate the salvation story of being saved by grace? Can you relate to what he says about grace giving us courage and humility at the same time? Share how.

Session 2: Politics

Christianity and Politics: AND Campaign